Saturday, July 17, 2010


Yesterday I was fitted with a splint to help me with my dorsiflexion. The company that makes these splints is called Dynasplint. A rep from the company met me at my physical therapy clinic to adjust the splint and teach me how to use it.

It has an adjustable tension on each side of the splint. The way it works was counterintuitive. The goal is not to apply a lot of tension. Instead of an intense short stretch, the purpose of the splint is to apply a smaller stretch over a longer period of time. Eventually, I'm supposed to wear this at night so I can get an eight hour stretch in.

Surprisingly, my ankle is sore after wearing it only for a few hours.

The rep thought I was an idiot, so she took a permanent marker to one of the straps so I'd remember not to adjust it.

I'm supposed to wear this thing for about 6 to 8 weeks. After that, I'm probably going to get another splint for my plantarflexion.

My great toe is still struggling. I've got about 65 degrees back in it now, but the joint at the tip is still very stiff.

I'm very pleased with my progress, but it's still difficult when going out with friends. When I don't get a chance to elevate my ankle, it really starts to cause some problems. I'm hoping that eventually all of that pain will go away.

I've also started riding a stationary bike to curtail obesity.

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