Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Next Step and Strausmas 2010

I've been a Nationals season ticket holder for the last four years. We've stuck by our team through their last place seasons -- through the worst.

Last night we were rewarded, big time. It was the greatest baseball game I think I'll ever see in person. It was the Strasburg debut, or as the locals have called it, Strausmas.

I think I took this from my phone around the first inning. The guy was absolutely ridiculous. Fourteen batters struck out! No walks! It was unbelievable.

He packs a 103 mph heater. The radar gun at the stadium displayed "TILT" on most of his pitches.

Last night was also the last time I'll wear a boot. That's right. I'm done! I went into the doctor's office to see both Dr. Borden and Dr. Buchanan. I asked if I could drive, and I was told not only could I drive my car again, but I should stop wearing the boot to regain my flexibility and grow my calf muscle back.

If you look closely, you'll see a bandage tan line on my bad ankle. Today was the first time I've worn a shoe and sock since February. It was a big step. Amazingly, walking around like this felt better than I thought it would.

Update: Doug pointed out that the above photo was either Photoshopped or taken in a mirror. It was taken in a mirror. Very observant.

The skin transplant has finished healing. The scar looks awesome.

I'll probably have to wear a compression stocking for the rest of the year to control my edema. I start physical therapy Friday morning. I'm really looking forward to that.

I go back to the doctor in six weeks, the longest break we've had from their office ever. Dr. Borden said she was sad and that we should have taken a group photo. Next time!


  1. So...Vegas? Rascal offer still stands.

  2. your tan line photo is deceiving since it looks like your left foot is the bad one. guessing mirror or a photochop 180? --doug

  3. A compression stalking? Is that one that sneakes up on you?