Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snowboarder vs. Spunky's Tennis Ball

One of Spunky's favorite toys is the tennis ball. She's had it for years. It's been slobbered on and it smells bad. Fortunately, she's loaned it to me to start working on loosening up the joints and muscles in my foot and toes.

I've had two physical therapy sessions so far. I'm seeing significant improvements every day in my flexibility and strength. It hurts more than I was prepared for, but as long as I see things getting better, I'm cool with the pain. Almost all of the pain is in the bottom of my foot. So far my ankle hasn't bothered me.

Rolling the ball hurts pretty bad, but I've noticed that the feeling has started to come back in my foot.

The areas of my foot where I have feeling have grown to this highlighted area. The top of my foot is getting better as well. This is a really good sign. It suggests I'll probably end up getting almost all of my feeling back.

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  1. Mr. Snowboarder,

    I have really enjoyed your blog. Your great. I'm so sorry you got hurt but your posts have been really good. They make me laugh.

    Oh yeah I don't see adds, I use Adblocker plus. :)

  2. Glad to hear the feeling is coming back.

    Beat LA!