Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ankle Update

Definition: physical therapy - 1) the treatment of injuries or disorders using physical methods, such as exercise, massage, or the application of heat, 2) a jazz fusion band from St. Louis, Missouri active in the 1990s.

Except for the days and nights when my ankle has hurt really bad, the last week has been just great.

While the bottom of my foot no longer hurts, my lower shin, fibula, and calf have begun to make we consistently walk like I'm 74. That usually wears off after a few seconds of walking. When I hit my stride, I'm going pretty quick -- much of it due to my new awesome Skecher Shape Up shoes.

The cane is surprisingly popular. Strangers have been paying me several complements for the flames. I've definitely noticed a difference in people's reaction to crutches and a cane. George Costanza said it best, "with crutches it's a funny story, with a cane it's a sad story."

I took a video earlier tonight of my ankle flexibility. It has not gained a significant amount of more mobility since the last video, but it is stronger. One thing I recently noticed was how much larger my fibula malleolus is now.

Spunky is feeling much better. The drugs are continuing to give her time to rest and heal. She's feeling good enough to smell my awesome ankle.


  1. Have you thought of the money to be made from an ankle work-out video? Just saying, this could be your ticket.

  2. and that's a great mythbusters episode too! Hwatchaaaaaaaaaaaa!