Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Closer

Our new surgeon in the DC area is Dr. Matt Buchanan. Here's a link to his profile at the Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Center in Arlington, VA. He used to roll with Dr. Janes at St. Anthony's. That's how we got the recommendation.

He got his B.S. from Duke, but I'll try not to hold that against him. Unfortunately, this makes Brooke like him even more. Hopefully Tulsa will dominate the Blue Devils on Thursday, February 25th. I had bought a ticket to go to that game, but I'm an idiot and snowboarded into a tree at 40 MPH. I won't be making it.

My first appointment with Dr. Buchanan was Friday, February 19th. After we unwrapped the leg, he took one look at it and called for his resident doctor to come in and take a gander. I wasn't sure if it was because of how bad it is, or how good of a job Dr. Janes did. I wonder if they see many injuries like this in this area.

After lots of technical discussions with one another, they popped and drained my hematoma. Because my skin is so swollen and fragile, we're going to have to wait a while for the next surgery. Our next appointment is Tuesday, February 23rd.

Don't worry, I'll wear a Tulsa shirt.


  1. How was the trip through the airport? I assume you will have issues going through those metal detectors for a while?

  2. The hospital gave me a piece of paper that indicates I have 10 lbs of metal in my leg. When I rolled up to the TSA agent, he didn't need to see it. I think he could tell from the metal sticking out of the leg.