Thursday, February 25, 2010

New CT Scans

We just returned from my second CT scan. Right before we started taking the pictures, the technician asked me if it was possible to remove the external fixator! I told her it's surgically embedded into my shin and heel bones.

The new scans are awesome. The 3D images provide some much needed encouragement. While there are a ton of small fragments in my tibia, these scans show several large pieces that The Closer can use for reconstruction.

In this picture you can see my fibula on the left. You can just make out the plate and screws from the first surgery. You can also see the staples closing the incision site. This is the first time I've been able to count them accurately. Looks like I got 17 staples.

On the right are my tibia fragments. They look pretty big in this picture. This is great news for reconstructing the ankle! The more large fragments The Closer has to work with, the better. If all I had left were small fragments, there wouldn't be much to use for reconstruction.

Here's another angle of the tibia fracture. This is facing the left side of my right ankle. There's a large fragment here that moved down from the main part of the bone by about an inch or so during the impact.

If you can, take a look at your right ankle. Look at the left side. You see how you've got a small bone sticking out of your ankle? That tibia bone fragment in that image is sitting over that part right now. At first I thought it was swelling, but The Closer pointed this out during our last visit.

I really hit that tree.

Here's an image of the external fixator bar that's threaded through my heel bone. Seriously, I cannot wait for this thing to be taken out.

I've uploaded these images to I think the 3D images are frames for a movie. The website is taking a while to recreate the videos, but once they're done I'll make another post.

Brooke is going to take this CD of the images to our surgeon in Arlington. I'm going to continue sitting on my butt.

I owe her. A lot.

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  1. Great images. I was expecting a lot of artifact from all the metal. They must have a buffer program that eliminates it. Constipation, pain meds or both must be affecting your vision. I count 17 clips on the 1st image. I very happy that Brooke is keeping track of your doses. I'm also glad you're a computer scientist and not a radiologist. Love ya boy DAD