Friday, July 5, 2013

Stump Flexing #NSFT

Don't worry, I was just tired.  This isn't the result of too much Percocet.

I told a friend of mine I'd put together a video displaying how my reattached lower leg muscles now work in the residual limb.  While Brooke and I were changing the dressing and cleaning the limb, I put together this video to show off my stump flexing.  If you'd like to see another recent amputee's similar video, check out my friend Christina's stump flexing video here.

Stump Flexing Video

The video may or may not end abruptly because I was tired and in a rush to wash the limb. 

The phantom pain continues to improve every day.  I'm really liking the 600 mg of Gabapentin.

Yesterday was my first time to get out of prison the apartment for something that wasn't a visit with Dr. Attinger or Elliot.  It was awesome!  We spent most of our time celebrating America outside grilling by the pool.  I was worried about a few things, like sweating too much, not being able to keep my limb elevated, and offroading with the crutches, but it all ended up being absolutely fine.

To feel like I was a part of the team and joining in on the festivities, I had a few non-alcoholic beers.  O'Douls website cracks me up.  You still have to be over 21 to enter.  It also plays music.  No one on the Internet finds that annoying.

At 6'3", I guess I'm a little taller than most people.  My buddy Matt is a hobbit and also does not know how to use my awesome Millennial Medical crutches correctly.  They're backwards, Matt.  Backwards.

Troy snapped this picture with my GoPro and caught me with my legs crossed.  I've discovered that it can be done with a stump, but it's just not the same.  I miss my ankle leg crossing.

Below are the pictures we took of the wound last night.


  1. Today the girls walked in while I was watching your video and I explained your last three years from start to finish. They were quiet and reflective for a few minutes and I thought they had already moved on when all of a sudden Ella piped up and declared that you made the right decision getting rid of your "wrecked foot." Kate then said, "And I'm sooooooo happy Tony will be able to walk again when he gets his new leg!" They can't wait to see pictures of your prosthetic.

    You now have two more devoted blog followers, ages 4 and 5. :)

  2. If ya don't mind me asking-are those stitches from a recent surgery, or still there from three years ago? (I'm writing a book with an amputee MC, and found your blog through research)