Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Recent Awesome Tweets

You might remember Meg from one of my earlier posts.  She's a fellow ankle arthritis sufferer and used to enjoy jumping five stories to break, like, basically every bone in her body.  And by enjoy, I mean she did not enjoy it.  She's very lucky to be alive!

And I'm lucky she found me and the blog.  Meg's been a big supporter.  Us ankle pain sufferers need to stick together.  She's currently seeing the same orthopedic center up at Mercy that I saw when I was working with Dr. Jeng.

Earlier today she had her external fixator removed at Mercy in Baltimore.  She sent me some awesome tweets that just made my day!  In case you don't follow me on Twitter (what are you, crazy?), here they are.

Sometimes I'm just amazed at how special and amazing nurses and professional caregivers can be.  But then again, I married a nurse, and I see how awesome they are every day.  It was really cool of Meg to update them on my status (though, seriously, they need to keep up to date on the blog!).

Thanks, Meg!

I also got an awesome Tweet from another person I admire.  Amy Purdy.  She's a bilateral below-knee amputee snowboarder, motivation speaker, and top ranked world adaptive snowboarder.  I'm sure she knows the Original Gimp.  I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about her in all these years trying to fix my ankle and get back to snowboarding.

Anyway, a few days ago, after reading her story, I sent her a Tweet to let her know I was a big admirer.  She sent me this Tweet earlier this evening.

Of course Brooke and I would love to!  However, while I was in the hospital, I also sent these Tweets to Zach Anner.  For those of you that don't know Zach, he's a TV and Internet comedian with cerebral palsy, the sexiest of the palsy's as Zach would remind you.  The guy is hilarious and I'm a huge fan.

In case you're wondering if my initial Tweet was tasteless, his profile said he's back on the Internet and more disabled than ever.  I was really pumped he reached out to me.

Just between you and me, I hope Amy and Zach aren't just being nice to me on Twitter and humoring me.  Brooke and I would love to get a chance to meet these inspiring individuals and hang out with them and our friends on our first return trip back to snowboarding.

I broke the news to Amy and let her know that I've been seeing other people on Twitter.

Hope she's cool with it!

We should seriously start thinking about turning my first trip back to snowboarding into an event that helps others somehow.  Not sure how yet.  Going to need to brainstorm on that one.

In the meantime, I need to keep healing!  Tomorrow we get a stump shrinker to shrink this stump!

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  1. You are too adorable sometimes. But seriously, everybody at mercy was so happy. Susan the recovery nurse had you after one of your surgeries there. We spent a good five minutes talking about you and how im not entirely sure i could have done this with out being able to read the blog. And communicate with you. It was a huge help as you know. The people at mercy are just so fantastic. Which is refreshing for me because ive met a lot of health care professionals that totally suck. Im glad i can bug you on twitter now. Its so much fun hahahah.