Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Am Pleasant Handbags

Our friends Ken and Cari recently moved to Norway, where excessive consonant usage is commonplace. For instance, "the rainbow has many colors," in Norwegian is "regnbuen har mange farger." Come on, "g-n-b," really?

If you read the comments on this blog, you've probably read some of Ken's ridiculous statements.
"I've been trying for several minutes now to google "blogspot snowboarder vs tree diarrhea" in order to trick google into thinking your blog is about diarrhea, so that if people google for diarrhea, your blog will come up. so far I'm not having much luck, but I'll keep trying."
Ken was engaged in what is commonly called Google bombing. Unsurprisingly, Ken has not been successful to date. There are many reasons for this. Chief among them is he is not a computer scientist or a computer engineer.

Also, look at his face. Do you think that face knows how to Google bomb? Or hammer a nail?

However, as I'm typing this, it has dawned on me that many of you reading this may know how to correctly Google bomb. Perhaps it was a mistake to bring this up.

I guess I'll notice when one of you becomes successful at Google bombing me. I keep watch over what keywords bring people to the blog. I noticed a new and interesting search term that brought one person here, "surprise dear friends, i am pleasant handbags."

I think these words are related to this post about Brooke's email getting hacked before my second surgery. The keyword right after that probably confirms this idea.

Or, someone has an awesome handbag.

One more thing. Mom, Dad -- please either learn what a bookmark is or simply type the URL into your web browser. Please stop searching Google for "http://snowboardervstree.blogspot.com." You are embarrassing me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. My thumb is getting better, although I cannot bend it yet. My ankle seems to be doing fine as well. My next appointment is the first week of November just four weeks away.


  1. I'm not interwebs-savvy enough to understand how to "properly" Google-bomb, but doesn't posting this to your blog now make it possible for people to find your blob by searching for "blogspot snowboarder vs tree diarrhea"?

    Also, maybe you should teach your parents a new trick - you know the old saying, "Give a man a Google, and he'll read your blog once. Teach a man to use Google Reader, and he'll read your blog forever."

  2. It's been in my bookmarks since March. Heck, I get tweets when you post. Don't assume it's us. Besides if I wanted to embarrass you I have a boat load of stories I could tell. But I'm saving those for your kids. All my Love Dad

  3. I am totally lost as to what any of that means, and I am sad. I thought I was at least more computer savvy than your dad. Actually, my 6 yr old ordered more movies on my netflix, so he prolly knows more than me...but in other news, we had an earthquake this morning.

  4. Hahaha. thanks for the laugh over lunch and i got to keep my lunch down today!

  5. Speaking of grandkids, when are you getting started on those?

  6. Wow, I just made one of my semi-regular visits to the blog, and was pleasantly surprised by my beautiful face!
    I researched your google bombing websites, but I quickly lost interest because it was boring. Hopefully one of your dorkier friends, such as Troy, will take up the cause on my behalf and make it work.

  7. Haha...thanks for the shout-out! I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed that Ken doesn't know how to Google bomb...

  8. Who is asking about grandkids...I think I get a big say in this. I'm bound to school for at least 2 more years, so no ankle biters before then. =)

  9. Norway, eh? Ask your friend what the Norwegian word for lingerie is...