Saturday, April 6, 2013

Snowboarder vs. Opening Day

The week started with one of the most important days on the 2013 calendar: Nationals Opening Day.  Events like this usually bring out my ankle anxiety.  But this is one of those moments when you don't care what it costs to be up on your ankle all day.  Stasburg is on the mound and Harper is in the three hole.

Before the pre-game festivities, we enjoyed some local fine dining on Capital Hill at Pete's Diner.  Looks like someone was pumped I didn't steal any of her bacon.  

I am too dominate of a corn hole player these days, so I'm forced to sit on the sidelines and watch.

 The stilts guy.  He seemed pretty happy to have not fallen over.

Before we were even ten steps in the ballpark, we were asked for interviews to give our expert opinions on who the most improved player will be for 2013.  We're really hoping it's Espinosa.  Seriously, you need to calm down those strikeouts.

We were at Game 4 last year.  It was incredible.  Best baseball game I've ever seen.

This is why.

In case you've never heard the awesome radio call by Charlie Slowes, here you go.  You're welcome.

Our view from our seats was great.  We were above the out-of-town score board in right field.

The Shake Shack line is one the the longest in the entire ballpark.  This was our view for about four innings.  When we left the game they were still open serving people that had waited in line all game.


  1. This is not English:

    "I too dominate of a corn hole player these days, so I'm forced to sit on the sidelines and watch."

  2. So awesome! Hope there will be many trips to the ballpark, the Shake Shack, and the corn hole court (is it a court? a pitch? for the love, Tony, what is CORN HOLE??) this season!

  3. You are one brave man, snowboarder tony. I have had a few opportunities to go to sporting events since my accident and ive turned them all down because i would need to bring my chair of wheels and well, these two things just do not mix. Well that and id be in philly. Do i need to tell you how notorious philly sports fans are? I hope i do not. Seeing as even the athletes of all sports know not to mess with any philly fans because they are a bit crazy. And thats putting it nicely because they are my people and i fear them.

    But thats besides the point. The point is you did it. And i bet you were in a crapton of pain. Both during and after. And probably have yet to fully recover. Especially after that shake shack line my god thats insane. I cant even stand still long enough to check out at a normal store with out wanting to gnaw off a leg, but four innings?! Thats down right impressive.

    But alas, it all seemed well worth it and that is all that matters. And soon enough you will be as ecstatic to be out and about as stilts guy bc you too will not have fallen down (the rabbit hole that can be ankle anxiety) for you will be bionic and happy.