Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Close up of a BKA Stump

I've been doing a lot of YouTube research on amputation over the last couple of months.  I recently found an occupational therapist amputee that's made several videos of an amputation only a few weeks ago.  Her videos provide unique insight into what it's like immediately following a below the knee amputation (BKA).


  1. I'm ready for you to get off this roller coaster you've been on the last 3 years. I'm ready for you to have freedom from pain. Thank you for educating us. Love is not a big enough word. Mom

  2. I'm clueless about posting and having a hard time figuring this out. My apologies if I've posted three times but simply can't find my post!

    I've had 10 ankle surgeries, 8 of them in the last 10 years. The first 2 were 25 years ago. I'm a skier and a member of the ski patrol. My last surgery was a STAR ankle replacement. Major mistake. I am pretty sure my only option at this point is a BTK amputation. Like you, I want to jump, ski (close enough), run, dance (maybe that's just me?) I'd love to compare information. I think I've found a great doctor to do the BTK... Tricia

  3. And I have also spoken with a prosthetist [so hard not to say prostitute!] that I really like. Happy to pass on their names if you'd like. - Tricia